iVisit 4.0

Make video and voice calls, send messages and share files
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iVisit, LLC
The program performs video and voice calls with multiple users online. Also, it allows instant messaging, file sharing: text, images, audio and video; desktop sharing, and web co-browsing. Records your conferences and exports recordings to QuickTime. Leaves audio or video messages to unavailable users.

A multiparty video chat application that does not require a reflector, central server, or other special hardware. iVisit features include multiparty real-time audio, double-speed video, unlimited chat rooms, business cards, a directory server, security and privacy control, and Internet and intranetcapabilities. With iVisit software, a camera, and a network connection, you can share video, audio, and text in real time with any number of online users from the convenience and privacy of your own computer. The number of users who can be involved in a simultaneous conference is limited only by the capacity of the network connection, the speed of the computer, the type of media being exchanged (video, audio, text), and the number of video windows that will fit on thecomputer screen.

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